Festival Hair Up-do Tips

The Stylists From Our Hair Salon Speak About Festival Hairstyle Trends of 2013

Weekend summer festivals have now become a lifestyle for people in their late twenties or early thirties. The summer of 2013 makes no exception. This is why the stylists from our hair salon in Houston, TX have decided to provide you with a few tips on how you can achieve the trendy natural hair look everyone is now going for.

Hair Salon Houston, TXMake your hair look amazing even when you are in a place with no electricity or showers.
The key is in planning and packing – You should visit our salon to start the weekend, so we can wash and style your hair in such a way that you can later disguise the greasy roots during the long Saturday and Sunday days and nights.
Balance between practicality and style:
– Festival day 1: Although you may want to let your hair fall naturally over your shoulders, it will be better to lock it in one place, using some hairspray. Ideal styling products can see you through even the stickiest situations. Wear your hair loose during the first festival day while it still looks clean and shiny. Don’t forget to braid your hair before going to bed though.
– Festival day 2: Remove the braids you have slept with overnight and flip your hair upside down. hairspray or a salt spray to add some volume to it, then flip it again and you will enjoy your nice natural waves during the whole day
– Festival day 3: Wear the waterfall braid or the fishtail one to cover your greasy roots. We guarantee that everyone will still think that your hair is gorgeous even after two days of heavy partying.

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To learn more about the must-have festival hair products we recommend, as well as more about our favorite styles and secret industry tips for a flawless festival hair, you can stop by at Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor’s hair salon! We are always ready to make you feel like a beautiful woman, no matter the occasion!

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