How to Make Your Skin Soft After Waxing?

5 After Body Waxing Skin Care Tips

Nowadays both men and women visit body waxing salons on a regular basis. This makes their skin very gentle and prone to the appearance of red spots, as a result of the inflammation of hair follicles after a waxing treatment. If you want to avoid this painful and aesthetically unpleasing experience you better learn how to take care of your skin after visiting a beauty salon. Today Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor, of Houston, TX, will help you do it by providing you with some professional tips.


1) Removing wax leftovers – Wax is a sticky substance that may get stuck on your skin after the wax procedure. To remove the small particles do not scrub your skin but use mild soap solution and rub it gently over the areas which have some wax leftovers on them. The soap should remove it immaculately.
2) Closing open pores after the treatment – They make your skin more sensitive, so in order to allow the skin to heal itself you should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. UV rays are not friendly towards open skin pores. Ice closes pores faster, reducing the risk of inflammation, so you can apply some over the treated areas right after you are done. When you are done with this, make sure to apply a Hydrocortisone cream.
3) Reducing the risks of post waxing ingrown hair and skin breakouts – In order to avoid these problems you should exfoliate the treated area after waxing.
4) Dealing with post waxing pain when the area waxed was wide or the hair was a lot (applies particularly for chest, back and arm area of men) – Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera can be applied for about three days after the treatment when you want to help your skin heal faster. Remember that if you decide to take advantage of the suggested treatment you should not use any products with fragrance during these few days.

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5) Steam or sauna baths are no good a few days after waxing – For this purpose if you plan to go on a spa vacation make sure you get a body waxing appointment for at least 48 hours before you depart. Taking a hot shower during that time is also not recommended.

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