Small Tricks to Prevent Ingrown Hair Caused By Waxing

When it comes to hair removal, women have a great burden on their shoulders. They not only have to do it regularly in order to feel feminine enough , but they also have to make sure they choose the most appropriate method to suit their skin type. When you go to a hair salon in Houston, TX, you can often get a pretty good price for a body waxing procedure. This is why many women choose this method as the most affordable and non-time consuming method they prefer. For some of them , however, it can turn out to be inappropriate, due to their type of skin.

WaxingWaxing can often cause ingrown hair, leading to pain. Shaving is another method that can sometimes give the same results. Luckily, today Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor will reveal a few secrets that will help you avoid these problems. To prevent hair from curling under your skin surface follow the next few tips:
1) Moisturize – This procedure should be done on a daily basis, with both hand or body cream. It will help you nourish and protect your skin from excessive flaking or skin irritation, and will definitely help your hair grow in the right direction.

2) Exfoliate – Remove all of the dead cells from the surface of your skin before shaving or waxing a certain spot, because they are usually the main reason for the appearance of ingrown hair. Even if you do not wax that often make sure you repeat this procedure a couple of times per week. This will guarantee you less hair problems in the future.
3) Apply witch hazel to your skin – It helps sore or damaged skin recover quickly, after you have plucked your ingrown hair out with tweezers. Apply it with a cotton ball directly on the treated spot.
4) Avoid sunbathing or tanning for at least 48 hours after depilation – the heat will make you sweat and sweating benefits the bacteria production. Doing sport immediately after a body waxing procedure is also not a very smart idea.

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For more details on the topic, do not hesitate to turn to a local hair salon, where professional cosmeticians can advise and assist you every time you have ingrowing hair problems.

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