Tips to Make Bikini Waxing Less Painful

Unsightly hair can not only be unattractive but also embarrassing, so always make sure that your bikini line is waxed well before going to the beach. Summer is the season when you have to take extra care about body waxing and really do it on a regular basis if you want to look and feel nice. Yes, we know that the hair in your bikini area is extremely painful to get removed, but if you do it often, without shaving it in between the waxing sessions, this will soon turn into a less unpleasant experience.

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Of course, there are some small tricks which can help lessen and alleviate the pain that accompanies waxing. Here is what you can do in order to make the process less dreadful:

1. Go to a good beauty salon. Professional waxing technicians tend to be more gentle and know how to comfort you. They can offer to apply some products which won’t let your skin become red and swollen after the procedure.

2. Apply ice to ingrown hair as well as anti-inflammatory cream before you start waxing or before you visit a salon. This will prepare your skin for the procedure and this sensitive area will not get so irritated after the wax is applied. In fact, ice can be applied afterwards as well to make the area numb so you don’t feel any remaining pain after the procedure.

3. If your skin is extra sensitive always use hot wax. Although hot and cold wax is made from almost the same ingredients the hot wax adheres better to hairs. Be careful, however, as if you do the body waxing yourself it will be more messy than if you choose to apply cold wax.

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If you want to get 100% satisfactory and long lasting results without burning or hurting yourself, you better call our beauty salon and book a body waxing appointment with one of our specialists. Anisa Beauty Salon Parlor, of Houston, TX, has plenty of experience and knows well how to get you ready for the summer season and give you the confidence you need before going to the beach.

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